Building your own home is a dream many of us share, but it can often seem an almost impossible task

 At Self Build Heroes, along with our trusted partners, we can make the dream a reality – guiding you through the whole process from concept to completion. Whether it’s choosing a building system, finalising the architectural design, or completing the actual construction of your dream home – including how it’s all going to look on the inside – we’re here to take you through it.

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Self Build Homes, front elevation

Interested in a self build and not sure where to start?  Why not use Self Build Heroes to for a unique, sustainable solution, bringing communities together.

Architectural Services for Self Build Homes drawing sample

Whether it’s the much loved Generation Z Lego architecture, or post-1950’s brutalist architecture, at Self Build Heroes we are experts in all things design.

Often the most critical element of any self build project is getting the building foundations of your self build right if you are to be successful in creating your dream self build.
Insulated Concrete Formwork

Insulated Concrete Formwork, known in the industry as ICF, is a mainstay in the self build journey and, in order to create your dream self build home, this complex construction technique is vital.


Specialists in cladding, our Self Build Heroes team is no stranger to providing brick cladding, vertical timber cladding, composite cladding and so much more!

Timber frame houses are architectural marvels and many would argue that nothing looks better than a timber frame self build home. We’re here to discuss why we think choosing timber is a great decision.

self build homes roofing

Whatever you are looking for, our Self Build Heroes team is experienced in roofing, with our team well versed on slate roof tiles, concrete roof tiles, composite roof tiles, and everything in between.

self build homes interiors - kitchen

The icing on the cake of any self build project is the interior. Our customers have the interior design ideas and our team has the knowledge, skills and know-how to turn these dreams into a reality.


Most frequent questions and answers

Of course we can! We are connected to several architects who are obviously well versed in obtaining planning permission. Self Build Heroes can then either work with you from a full turn-key service all the way to an ad-hoc consultancy basis where we can work 1-2-1 to fast track your decision making processes and prevent you wasting hours of intensive Google research to still be confused about which way to turn, or which chat room to believe.

There are many factors that will affect the answer to this question. Your risk appetite, available funds, time restrictions you have to find the land, what your local council’s housing plan looks like and if they are accommodating to self-builders etc. We can offer you tailored advice to your specific situation by booking in a 1-2-1 with us.

Whether you want to use one of trusted architects or just send over your current design ideas, we can offer honest perspectives on house design which can be centred around cost or aesthetics. Each build is different and your own desires will affect your design decisions but we can be the practical voice that gives you confidence in your house design choice.

We love this question as it’s the same as “How long is a piece of string”. If you are experienced in the construction industry, do lots of the work yourself, project manage the build and work exceptionally hard at shopping at the right time of year to buy materials at the best possible price you could build a house for as little £850 per square meter. Or you could sit back and let a team project manage your build for £1,600-£1,800 per square meter. This is also dependent on the area of the country that you live in. For more targeted advice book a free 30 min call with us.

Yes. At Self Build Heroes we hold industry recognised management qualifications so can advise what you need to do as a self builder looking to project manage their own build.

Inside the mind of a self build expert

Matthew Burrows’ Self Build Heroes is a trusted voice of self build projects, creating unique, sustainable homes and bringing communities together. We specialise in building and landscaping self build projects and complex builds, as well as everything in between, and as a Marshall’s accredited landscape contractor, clients could also get a 5-year warranty for their exterior product installation.
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Interested in a self build project but have no idea where to start?

Browse through the list of what we offer at Self Build Heroes and let’s start living the dream together!