Architectural Services

Whether it’s the much loved Generation Z lego architecture, or post-1950’s brutalist architecture, at Self Build Heroes we are experts in all things design (yes we have read our fair share of the architectural digest!)

Understanding the importance of forward-planning in construction, our custom-built self build homes are designed to excite, inspire and importantly, surpass your wildest dreams.

Furthermore, whether it’s a self build, residential project, new build, refurbishment, landscaping or extension, our experienced team of builders has the expertise to create and deliver on any project, no matter the size.

Passionate about the intricacies of architectural design, Self Build Heroes is also passionate about creating exciting spaces that will stand the test of time, both in the North West and beyond.

We take pride in our work and, by measuring up against the architectural services of our other projects both new and old, we are able to ensure that your self build home is one that will take your breath away, as well as hold firm for decades to come.

Interested in a self build project but have no idea where to start?

Browse through the list of what we offer at Self Build Heroes and let’s start living the dream together!