The Self Build Heroes team understands that solid building foundations are one of, if not the most critical element of any self build project. Even though the building foundations of your home may not be visible, building on a solid platform is vital, in order for your self build to stand the test of time.

Getting the building foundations of your self build right is vital if you are to be successful in creating your dream self build, which is why at Self Build Heroes, we consider a range of factors when building the foundations for your project, whether that be an extension, a self build, or anything in between.

Distance to boundaries

When you apply for consent for your self build home, it’s up to you as the homeowner to show the correct positions of the plot limits on your plans. The 1966 Party Wall Act sets out the detailed provisions of boundaries and thankfully for you, our self build team is on hand to talk you through this whole process from start to finish.

Ground conditions soil type

The minimum depth of foundations for building regulations on your self build can depend greatly on your ground conditions. Your plot may contain anything from chalk to gravel, or even clay and peat. Soil investigations before beginning the self build journey are also essential.

Trees, drains and sewers

Most trees, drains and sewers near self build homes are harmless and will cause no damage. But in some cases, subsidence and structural damage can be linked to tree roots. Blocked drains and sewers can also cause problems and it is important that you understand this when searching for the perfect self build plot.

Adjacent structures

Adjacent structures must be considered when planning your own self build home, with the location and depth of the surrounding foundations crucial. Our Self Build Heroes team is able to inspect the boundaries of your plot and will ensure that the best possible foundations are built upon.

Self Build Heroes are the experts on hand to ensure your self build project sets off without any hiccups.

Our team turns up to site ensuring that your building foundations are laid in accordance with your detailed building regulation drawings, and, just like our self builds, we can promise that our client relationships are just as solid.

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