One of the first questions we get asked when discussing self build homes is ‘what is the best tile to use when building a roof structure?’ 

As with all aspects of the self build journey, there are endless options and many depend on price and aesthetics, as well as personal preference. Thankfully for you, whatever you are looking for, our Self Build Heroes team has an abundance of experience in roofing, with our team well versed on slate roof tiles, concrete roof tiles, composite roof tiles, and everything in between.

The Self Build Heroes team is here to help you decide which roof tiles are best for you and of course, when the decision has been made, then the structural work on your self build home can begin.

Here’s just a number of different types of roof structures that we’ve worked on in the past and what they are…

Slate roof tiles

A natural product with hard-wearing properties, slate roof tiles last the length of time and have grown in popularity over the years due to their timeless look and aesthetically pleasing finish - with the Self Build Heroes team striving for that stunning look at an affordable price.

Concrete roof tiles

Renowned for its price, strength and durability, meaning repairs are unlikely, concrete roof tiles have a lifespan of over 50 years and rarely need additional protection once tiled.

Composite roof tiles

Sustainable and durable, composite roof tiles are incredibly eco-friendly and are increasingly popular on self build homes that the Self Build Heroes team has worked on.

Composite roof panels

Similarly to composite roof tiles, composite roof panels are long-lasting, but also incredibly energy efficient, with their high insulation potency ensuring your self build home will be warmer than most all year round.

Artificial roof tiles

Pleasing on the eye and perfect for installation, especially on lower pitched roofs, artificial roof tiles are not only cost effective but also proven to last, making them a strong pick for your self build home.

Interested in a self build project but have no idea where to start?

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